Guardian Angel Cathedral
Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas

302 Cathedral Way

Phone:  702-735-5241
Fax:      702-734-7086
Mailing Address:
336 Cathedral Way, Las Vegas, NV 89109
North of the Encore Hotel
and South of
Convention Center Drive

A Catholic Wedding for Visitors to Las Vegas

We will be scheduling weddings for May 2019 and beyond 
starting September 15, 2018.
Guardian Angel Cathedral Wedding

Marriages of Catholics visiting Las Vegas are witnessed at the

Guardian Angel Cathedral.

Catholic marriages cannot be witnessed in a

hotel, casino, wedding chapel or outdoor arena in Las Vegas. 

Roman Catholics wishing to marry validly should be suspect
 of any so-called (Roman) Catholic priest offering such accommodations.

Only some of the guidelines for scheduling a wedding at Guardian Angel Cathedral are listed on our website as the formal guidelines are currently being updated.

Guardian Angel Cathedral will perform weddings for its parishioners and for out of the area Catholics.  If you live within the boundaries of the Diocese of Las Vegas, you need to contact your local parish.

The first step is to have your Pastor write a letter giving you permission to be married at Guardian Angel Cathedral AND also stating that he will provide the formal preparation for your marriage.  This letter can be mailed to 336 Cathedral Way, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

To explain further about the completed formal paperwork; the completed formal papers will be sent by your Pastor to your respective Diocese and they in turn will send it directly to our Diocese.  Guardian Angel Cathedral will only recognize the completed paperwork from the Tribunal of the Diocese of Las Vegas.

Wedding days and times are Friday at 4:00pm and Saturday at 10:00am. There are no weddings scheduled during the Lenten and Advent seasons.

Please re-visit this website after September 15, 2018 when the new guidelines/protocol will be posted.